The best free Roku channels according to our customers

Over and over, we hear how important free entertainment is to our customers so we asked our fans on social media to tell us the best free Roku channels. Fans on Facebook, Twitter and Reddit chimed in with their favorites from the Roku Channel Store.

Did they miss any of your favorites? Let us know your favorite free Roku channels in the comment section below!

Some of the best free Roku channels according to our Facebook fans:

  • The Roku Channel rocks!! – Kevin S.
  • Kanopy is great if you are looking for foreign or Criterion movies, but Tubi TV has the bigger selection. There are a shocking number of free channels available. – James W.
  • It’s like asking me to pick a favorite child. But little Pluto, his sister Fawesome and little Shout Factory, Jr are high on the last. – Robert F.
  • OVGuide is pretty good but don’t forget VUDU is free and has some free content. – Ginger C.
  • Shout Factory TV, Tune In Radio, PBS, BaebleYouTube, Vevo. – Daniel K.

Our Twitter followers:

  • My favourite free channel is Pluto TV because the number of channels they offer is out of this solar system! – Eric M.
  • The Bob Ross Channel #HappyLittleTrees – KoHoSo
  • YouTube. I’m retired & handicapped with limited income and mobility. I “travel” thru the camera lens of many wonderful YouTubers. – TXDaddy
  • Crackle!! got some good movies and tv shows on there and no fee or sign in required! – Ramos the Boss
  • Reuters has a great news channel, and CBSN is pretty good free 24/7. – 37mediagroup

Our Reddit subscribers:

  • Here are some of my Roku free favorites: YouTube, Twit.TvTuneIn RadioPandoraBloomberg TVDWSmithsonian Channel – philo1927
  • The CW has a good interface and a lot of content. It’s worth the add for Whose Line is it Anyway and Penn & Teller: Fool Us. – qsector
  • Dead Shows (Grateful Dead channel) – oanarthur
  • FilmRise…but after TubiTV and Pluto TV. – Kharing-Sharing
  • Plex! Can’t wait for that sweet live TV add to the app. Don’t watch live much but would be nice. – digiblur
  • Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Shout Factory TV, Hasbro Studios Free, The BW, Vudu Movies On Us (it’s a subsection of the Vudu app), Pandora. – RokLebowski
  • NewsON, Comet, and YouTube. – WarpSeven

Happy free streaming!

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