8 movies and TV shows to stream for free

Every week, we put together a list of free movies to watch on The Roku Channel. Highlights this week include an utterly unique Nicole Kidman film, some mind-blowing sci-fi, and a few TV shows for you to binge.

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 Dogville (2003) – A woman on the run from the mob is reluctantly accepted in a small Colorado town. In exchange, she agrees to work for them. As a search visits the town, she finds out that their support has a price. Yet her dangerous secret is never far away. Starring Nicole Kidman and Paul Bettany.

Why it made our list: Nicole Kidman delivers an outstanding performance in a film that’s sure to be unlike anything you’ve ever seen in a cinematic experience.

 The Driftless Area (2015) – A bartender comes back to his hometown after his parents die, and finds himself in a dangerous situation involving a mysterious woman and a violent criminal. Starring Anton Yelchin and Zooey Deschanel.

Why it made our list: The Driftless Area will make you think that in someway, somehow, we’re all connected.

 Sunshine Cleaning (2008) – In order to raise the tuition to send her young son to private school, a mom starts an unusual business — a biohazard removal/crime scene clean-up service — with her unreliable sister. Starring Amy Adams and Emily Blunt.

Why it made our list: Sweet, touching, and funny are all accurate ways to describe this film.

 Code 46 (2003) – A futuristic Brief Encounter (1945), this is a love story in which the romance is doomed by genetic incompatibility. Starring Tim Robbins and Samantha Morton.

Why it made our list: The premise of this film will have you pondering, “What if that’s what the future is really like?”

 The Dead Zone (TV Series, 2002-2007) – After six years in a coma following a near-fatal car accident, Johnny Smith awakens to find that he has the gift of second sight. Starring Anthony Michael Hall and Nicole de Boer.

Why it made our list: Based on a 1979 novel by Stephen King, The Dead Zone is truly riveting.

 Andromeda (TV Series, 2000-2005) – Captain Hunt and the crew of the Starship Andromeda set out on a mission to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth 300 years after its fall. Starring Kevin Sorbo and Lisa Ryder.

Why it made our list: Calling all sci-fi fans – you’re going to want to watch all five seasons of Andromeda immediately (if you haven’t already).

 Earth: Final Conflict (TV Series, 1997-2002) When an alien species comes to Earth bearing boons to Humanity, a few suspicious humans seek to learn and resist the newcomers’ true designs. Starring Von Flores and Leni Parker.

Why it made our list: Trekkies will want to give this show a shot – it was actually created by the great Gene Roddenberry, the creator of Star Trek.

 Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest (TV Series, 2016) – With Mark Hamill as your guide, explore the most exclusive pop culture collections in the world. Starring Mark Hamill.

Why it made our list: From comic books to action figures to movie and TV show memorabilia, you’ll get some serious collection envy when watching Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest.

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