Apple sells around 10 iPhones a second, mainly iPhone X

Apple is selling more iPhones and generating higher profits with each sale than ever before, the company has confirmed.

10 sales a second

iPhone sales hit 77.316 million units in Apple’s 91-day Q1 FY 2018 quarter. That compares with 78.29 million sales in the year-ago quarter.

You’d imagine those figures meant that sales shrank, but it’s not the case: Last year’s quarter extended over 98 days (14 weeks), while this year Apple saw a more traditional 91-day (13-week) quarter.

That means Apple sold around 849,600 iPhones every day in Q1 2018, in contrast to 798,877 iPhones it sold each day across Q1 2017. In other words, Apple is selling 10 iPhones every second of the day, at least, it was in Q1 2018.

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