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6 reasons iMac Pro is ready for the enterprise

I’ve been inspired to make a few predictions after spending the morning looking at some of the powerful applications you can now run on a midrange iMac Pro.Enterprises need the iMac Pro Apple sees the way the industry is going. It’s decision last year to recommit to the pro Mac market followed years of criticism, but ...



Flashback to one of Detroit's "Big Three" automakers in the 1970s, when almost half the new cars coming off its assembly lines have steering column electrical problems, says a pilot fish engineer who was there."Each steering column wiring harness was supposed to be tested manually in a sub-assembly area next to the ...


Why we love REAL power users

Flashback to the late 1990s, when this pilot fish has landed a job supporting PCs and a Novell network for a manufacturer that has engineers onsite."Most of the workstations had switched to Windows 95, which was the company standard at the time," says fish."One day my supervisor gave me a ticket to go install a new ...