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So THAT’S who needs a DBA on the payroll!

This company manages to get by without a database administrator for more than five years with hardly anyone seeing that as a problem, reports a pilot fish on the scene."Right up until the system went down for hours after a developer dropped a table from the production environment," fish says. "That's what triggered ...


How blockchain will underpin the new trust economy

Over the next two years, enterprises are expected to ramp up their efforts to test blockchain technology as part of a new method of establishing trust in a digital economy.New research from consultancy Deloitte LLP shows a "trust economy" is now developing around person-to-person (P2P) transactions enabled by ...


Throwback Thursday: Who you callin’ a scope creep?

Programmer pilot fish is approached by some of the company's engineers. Can fish whip up a small database to track issues on the manufacturing line as they run tests? Sure, says fish.But before he can get started, a newly hired engineer gets wind of the project. This is too big for one programmer to handle, engineer ...