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iOS guide: How to use Apple Pay Cash

I’ve called it a step toward a new cryptocurrency. I’ve talked about how Apple Pay is just yet another chip taken out of the shoulders of conventional banking. I’ve even looked at Bitcoin and why that digital asset is growing in stature among Apple users. Today, I want to explain how to use the new iOS 11.2 feature, ...


Sometimes it’s hard to be Apple’s Siri

Virtual assistants are destined to do much more than send memos, capture shopping lists or tell cheesy jokes — they will become one of the primary ways we interact with the ambient AI that will surround every part of our lives in the not-too-distant future.That’s what Apple’s Steve Jobs saw in these technologies way ...


Apple’s iPhone users are running to Bitcoin

A string of breathless media headlines reporting Bitcoin’s new highs and lows means the cryptocurrency has captured popular imagination; the appearance of the Coinbase iOS app within the top 40 lists at the App Store helps confirm the notion.Bite of the Bitcoin Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently said he thinks ...