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Apple’s iPhone X drives gains in key markets

The iPhone X has boosted Apple’s smartphone share in some of the world’s key markets, the latest Kantar WorldPanel ComTech data shows.Apple’s thousand-dollar gamble It’s not a huge surprise. Ever since people began chattering about Apple’s plans to launch a thousand-dollar-smartphone, tech media commentators with ...


Why does Apple want your attention?

In the digital age, attention is everything. One decade since the iPhone, the average adult American now spends almost three hours each day on their smartphone. What does Apple get out of this?Attention deficit I discussed smartphone addiction with TechNightOwl recently. This set me off thinking. What does Apple want ...


Apple goes back to the future with web apps

Apple's about to introduce Service Workers in Safari 11.1. So, what are Service Workers, and why might they matter to you or your enterprise?Web apps unleashed First introduced in Safari Technology Preview 46, Service Workers allow background scripts to power offline web applications and should make it possible (for ...