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Retro Start menu star Classic Shell heads out to pasture

Hundreds of millions of downloads just doesn’t cut it, apparently. Ivo Beltchev, who first released the Start Menu replacement in 2009, has decided it just isn’t worth the effort any more. Yesterday he posted this on his official web blog: After months of deliberation, I have decided to stop the development of Classic ...


It all connects up eventually

Pilot fish is testing a new IT business management system for his company, and decides to have a little fun while he's at it."I had access to the development environment to work out the purchasing process," says fish. "I'd log in, create a purchase order, work it through the process and then log in to the dev ...


Who says IT contractors don’t get any perks?

Even though he's an IT contractor, this pilot fish is in the same boat as regular employees when it comes to being asked to work unpaid overtime."Well, not exactly asked," says fish. "Just assigned work that can't be completed in a normal work week. First the project schedule is optimistic at best, then the inevitable ...