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New milestones

Howdy! It’s been a busy couple of weeks at Roku. Just last week we unveiled our vision for whole home entertainment and now we’re here in Las Vegas at the Consumer Electronics Show with TCL unveiling the first device under our new licensing program. They also shared today that they ended 2017 as the #3 smart TV maker ...


Just one more reason we, um, love HR

IT pilot fish's former co-worker is job hunting and asks fish for a favor: Will you let me use you as a reference?"I was quite willing -- happy even -- to do so," says fish."He went through the normal interviewing and application process for one particular job. HR went through the normal reference-check process, where ...


11 must-stream premieres in January

With so many amazing TV show premieres coming your way this month, those post-holiday blues will flee as fast as you can turn on your TV. I’m streaming The Bachelor (my guilty pleasure!) and the new spinoff from black-ish, grown-ish. Plus, I’m counting down the days until the new seasons of Crashing and Planet Earth: ...